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Anger Management Classes

Classes that emphasize positive communication and identifying your triggers. Anger is usually not the problem. This course helps participants to identify the source of their anger and how to effectively deal with it while also learning to diffuse negative situations that cause harm to your own nervous system.

Gang Intervention Prevention Services

These help participants identify their strength and weakness and take a look at alternative methods for time management. We also help individual understand the myths about community stakeholder mindset that is associated with gang affiliation as well as provide interpersonal skills to help resolve conflict.

Group Mentoring

A method of bringing youth together from all lifestyles and diverse backgrounds to develop and train youth on the peer to peer model, the process of goal setting and career building during their developmental stages. All workshops vary according to age.

Cultural Sensitivity Education and Training

This workshop puts a strong emphasis on being aware of differences in nationalities, cultural difference and similarities between people without making strong judgment and putting up barriers for learning the importance of Respect and Value of what we all bring to our communities.

Organizing /Civic Engagement Training

These workshops are provided for organizations, community leaders, constituents and youth and young adults who want to become more involved with systematic change. We help participants to understand the process from the grassroots level of organizing and
analyzing problems, the necessary frame work to help key public officials get the matter resolved.

Breakthrough Parenting

These are designed for parents who need help raising responsible, thoughtful, loving and confident children. The goal is to develop parent/child self-esteem and interaction by encouraging loving relationships, discipline, effective communication, conflict resolution and a strong belief system along with the model of Catch Them Doing Good vs. Catching them Doing Bad.

Domestic Violence Awareness / Relationships, Dating and Bullying

These workshops are provided one on one and in a group setting according to the level of privacy our clients need. These sessions are to assure that there is impact in learning what domestic violence is, who suffers from it, and how it affects our daily lives and the cycle of violence, along with identifying a perpetrator 

Substance Abuse Education

This workshop put a face and a name on gateway drugs, their effects on the brain, the body and the family and levels of addiction.

Conflict Resolution/ Mediation

Our work in this area has allowed us to sit down with Law Enforcement, Gang Rivalry, Intervention Workers, Clergy and CBO’s State and Government Officials to help eradicate messages of miscommunication which has lead our communities to miscommunication. Bringing a Resolve to Beware of the Messenger!

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